How To Get A Quotes for Progressive Car Insurance

To get started, you should contact Progressive and request a quote for your car.

quote for progressive car insurance
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Tell them the make, model, year and options of your car.

You must also provide your address and date of birth so that Progressive can verify your information with the DMV.

After you have spoken to the representative, provide all of the information they have asked of you.

When providing your information to a representative, make sure that your name, address and date of birth are spelled correctly so that their system can access your correct information.

You should also make sure that your phone number is correct so that they can contact you if needed.

After confirming your personal information, ask a representative to fax or send you a contract for review.

When reviewing contracts, look for terms you don't understand so you can ask questions and receive a better rate.

If you are satisfied with the terms stated in the contract, sign and return your payment to the call representative.

With all that in the article, you're ready to take on the offers from Progressive!

Progressive is an car insurance company that offers affordable rates to drivers and offers discounted rates to drivers who complete a defensive driving course.

Getting offers from Progressive can be difficult if you don't know how to do it right.

By following these steps, you will be able to receive instant quotes and buy your auto insurance quickly.

When you call Progressive, wait a long time before speaking to an agent.

Provide your name, telephone number, address and date of birth when requested by the representative.

You must also include the make, model, and year of your car and any additional options you have installed in it.

Ask the representative what documentation they need from you before transferring it to the agent.

The agent will ask about your personal information such as name, address and date of birth.

He will also ask if you completed a defensive driving course in the last six months before offering you a quote.

After all that is outlined, the agent will explain how he or she can help you with car insurance before offering you a quote.

All he needs from you right now is an application form with some basic information about yourself like your name and date of birth.

When applying for insurance over the phone, always state what insurance company you are applying for so they know not to bid on another company! After syncing that part of the application process, ask the agent how much it will cost to get your car insurance at Progressive's agreed rate.

If you are satisfied with the price quoted by Progressive, provide your payment details by phone or fax and wait for your policy!

If properly followed above, one can get their quote from Progressive in less than 10 minutes- from talking to their representative to waiting on their fax or mail contract! An auto insurance quote is required in case of a road accident or if someone damages your car while stealing it - so be sure to apply for one whenever needed!

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