7 Important Tips for Choosing Car Insurance to Know

Cars or motorbikes are assets with high value. The value in question is not only from the nominal, but also from the value of the function it has. Therefore, it is important to protect your car by using car insurance.

This insurance product can later protect your vehicle in the event of damage. There are at least two types of vehicle insurance to choose from, namely all risk and total loss only (TLO) insurance.

All risk insurance: is vehicle insurance that covers the overall risk of loss, whether small or large, including losses due to loss.

TLO Insurance: is a type of vehicle insurance that only provides compensation if the value of damage to the vehicle is ≥75% and losses due to loss.

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Tips for Choosing Car Insurance

Currently there are many insurance companies that offer this type of car insurance with various benefits offered. Therefore, so that you don't make the wrong choice, here are some tips for choosing the right car insurance.

1. Choose Car Insurance According to Needs

The first thing you should consider when choosing car insurance is choosing according to your needs. You have to know the condition of your car starting from the condition of the engine, body, age, and so on. By understanding the condition of the car, you can determine the type of car insurance that the vehicle requires.

2. Learn the Benefits of Car Insurance Well

Tips for choosing car insurance next, namely make sure you have studied the benefits of car insurance well. This is necessary to prevent losses and discrepancies between benefits and your needs.

3. Make a comparison between several car insurance companies

Currently there are many car insurance companies that offer a variety of the best products. Of course, every car insurance company has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, before buying one of the products from the car insurance company, it is better to make a comparison first. This is so that you can know for sure the advantages of the product.

4. Choose a Car Insurance Product according to Ability

In addition to adjusting your needs, you also have to adjust your abilities when you want to buy a car insurance product. This is very important to do, considering that when we have car insurance it means we have an obligation to pay premiums according to the provisions of the car insurance company.

If we choose a car insurance product with a premium fee that exceeds our means, of course this will burden you. Therefore, make sure to choose a car insurance product with an affordable premium fee.

5. Pay attention to recommendations from dealers

The dealer or car seller must already know the needs of the car he is selling. Usually the dealer will provide the right car insurance recommendations for that vehicle. This suggestion from the dealer can be used as material for your consideration in buying the right car insurance product.

6. Choose Car Insurance from a Trusted Company

The next tip that you can apply is to choose car insurance from a trusted company. Make sure the car insurance provider company you choose already has an official license. Not only that, the credibility of the car insurance company can also be seen from the customer's previous assessment of the performance of the car insurance company.

7. Pay attention to the performance of partner workshops

Just like health insurance, car insurance products also have workshops that become partners. This is also what you can consider before buying this car insurance product. Make sure that the repair shop that is the partner of the car insurance company is an authorized repair shop with good performance. Thus, your vehicle can get the best maintenance.

Those are seven tips for choosing the right car insurance. The tips above can be your consideration so you don't go wrong in having a protection product for your beloved vehicle

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