4 Tips for Choosing the Best Car Insurance for Beginners

 Tips for choosing car insurance should be known to those of you who have just owned their first vehicle. Car insurance will protect the car from various causes of damage.

Starting from damage from accidents, damage due to natural disasters to damage due to crime. So, the importance of having car insurance makes vehicle owners need information about the best car insurance to choose from.

This is because there are many vehicle insurance options available. For that, there are a number of tips on choosing the best car insurance from Duitpintar.com, an insurance broker registered and supervised by the OJK.

Car insurance
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Summarized from the official statement Duitpintar.com, here are tips for choosing the best car insurance for you:

1. Choose the appropriate type of insurance

The tip for choosing the best car insurance is that you must know in advance which insurance is more suitable for your car, All Risk or comprehensive and Total Loss Only (TLO).

The age of the vehicle also affects the availability of insurance policy options. In general, the limit for All Risk insurance is that the car is 10 years old, while the TLO type can be up to 15 years.

However, these rules can vary for each insurance company. Some offer All Risk insurance with a maximum age of 8 years and TLO with a maximum age of 12 years.

These two insurances can actually be combined to get maximum protection. This is called combination car insurance.

2. Choose an insurance company with trusted credibility

Furthermore, tips on choosing car insurance is to make sure you choose insurance that has good credibility. One of them, can be from the financial health of the company.

This can be seen from the insurance company's RBC or Risk Based Capital which has a minimum value of 120% to be considered healthy. You can also see from the company's reviews because customer ratings are indeed one of the easiest indicators to evaluate a product.

3. Compare premium prices versus service features

Various premium prices are also adjusted to the benefits you get. Don't choose cheap origin, but make sure first whether the benefits meet your needs.

You can also add riders or benefits to each insurance policy if you really need it.

4. Choose insurance that has a wide partner workshop

The last tip, you should choose car insurance that has a lot of partner repair shops. The more partner workshops, the easier the claim process will be, so that your car can be handled faster.

Those are the tips for choosing the best car insurance that you can do.

By virdita Ratriani

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